RepairPal Brand Guidelines

These guidelines help maintain consistency and ensure a cohesive brand image. It's important to note that the specific brand guidelines for RepairPal may vary, and it's always recommended to directly contact RepairPal for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The RepairPal Brand Guidelines outline basic information you need to get started with co-branding on your website, creating a press release announcing our partnership, and more, including:

  • Logo Usage: Specify the proper use of the RepairPal logo, including size, color variations, clear space requirements, and restrictions on modifications or alterations.
  • Colors: Define the RepairPal Brand primary and secondary colors. Also providing information on color combinations and the correct usage of colors in different contexts.
  • Typography: Typefaces and fonts that should be used in branding materials, both for headings and body text. Guidelines include details on font sizes, weights, and formatting rules.
  • Imagery and Graphics: Outline guidelines for the use of images, illustrations, and graphics that align with the RepairPal brand. This may include preferred styles, themes, or subjects to ensure a consistent visual identity.
  • Tone of Voice: Define the RepairPal brand preferred tone of voice, including the language style, vocabulary, and messaging guidelines. This helps our partners maintain a consistent voice when communicating RepairPal's values and messaging.
  • Brand Messaging: Key messages, value propositions, and brand attributes that should be highlighted when representing RepairPal. This ensures our partners are aligned with the RepairPal brand positioning and marketing strategies.
  • Examples and Visuals: Visual examples and real-life applications of the brand guidelines to provide our partners with a clear understanding of how to implement them effectively.

Click here to view and download RepairPal Brand Guidelines including text, images, and fonts