Social Media Co-Branding

Best Practices

Cross promotion using social media is great way RepairPal can work our partners to grow the business. The intent of the information is to inform customers of our partnership by cross promoting your company and RepairPal. Consumers can link to the partner-specific referral landing page and schedule an appointment with a RepairPal Certified Facility.

Follow RepairPal on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow as your Company/Brand Page and/or Personal Pages.
Tag RepairPal and names of individuals when possible. Most platforms require the "@" symbol before the company or person's name to form a "tag". 
Use hashtags consistently to create brand recognition. We suggest #RepairPal and #FairRepair.
Share RepairPal blog posts, landing pages, newsletters, social media posts, etc.
"Like" and "comment" to create more buzz.

Sample Social Media Posts

We recommend creating content on your company's social media platform and tagging RepairPal to support the partnership. By sharing information and using the Landing Referral Page, customers can schedule an appointment online quickly and easily at a certified RepairPal facility.

Recommended Content

Car repair can be a stressful experience for many drivers. We’ve partnered with RepairPal to provide you a high quality repair experience, fair pricing for any needed repairs or maintenance and the best possible customer service from a shop conveniently located in your own neighborhood. Schedule a repair online:[companyname]

#RepairPal #FairRepair #[CompanyName] @RepairPal @CompanyName

We have partnered with RepairPal to bring transparency to auto repair and help drivers feel confident that they got the best price. If your vehicle needs attention, bring it to a RepairPal Certified facility, they've have got you covered. Save time and schedule your next maintenance or repair:[companyname]
#RepairPal #FairRepair #[CompanyName] @RepairPal @CompanyName

If you’re looking for a trustworthy shop, you’ve probably asked your friends or family, or even just picked at random. We’ve got a better solution. We have partnered with RepairPal Certified Shops that are fair priced, honest, and warranty their work. Schedule a time for maintenance and repairs:[companyname]
#RepairPal #FairRepair #[CompanyName] @RepairPal @CompanyName

We know it can be hard to find an honest repair shop, which is why we’ve partnered with RepairPal to provide you with a network of fair-priced shops that you can trust. Save time and schedule your next maintenance or repair:[companyname]
#RepairPal #FairRepair #[CompanyName] @RepairPal @CompanyName

[Company Name] and RepairPal makes it quick and easy to find a repair shop in your local area. Schedule a repair online by going to:[companyname]
#RepairPal #FairRepair #[CompanyName] @RepairPal @CompanyName

Did you know? RepairPal Certified facilities are trained in the latest technologies, use high-quality tools and warranty their work. Save time and schedule a time that works for you:[companyname]
#RepairPal #FairRepair #[CompanyName] @RepairPal @CompanyName

We have partnered with RepairPal to bring committed to fair pricing. RepairPal Certified facilities we undergo a rigorous certification process, including verified customer reviews. Check out a facility near you for your next scheduled maintenance or repair:[companyname]
#RepairPal #FairRepair #[CompanyName] @RepairPal @CompanyName

As a RepairPal Partner, we guarantee that your repair will be done right without overpaying. Schedule a time that works for you at one of 3,000 RepairPal certified locations nationwide:[companyname]
#RepairPal #FairRepair #[CompanyName] @RepairPal @CompanyName

Words to Describe RepairPal Certified

  • Partnership
  • Personable
  • Honest
  • Trustworthy
  • Expert
  • High-Quality
  • Warranty (stands behind their work)
  • Guarantee
  • Local or Nearby
  • Never Overpay
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Fair Prices
  • Honest
  • Confident
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Local Repair Warranty

RepairPal Digital Assets

We are pleased to provide you digital and print assets for your company's use as part of your valued partnership with RepairPal. The intent is to allow you to inform consumers that you are a RepairPal partner. 

Images for Download/Use

Please use the images as intended for social media, digital or print. Select any image to view and download. 

Download image Download image Download image
Download image Download image Download image
Download image Download image Download image
Download image Download image
Social, Digital, or Print: Schedule-Online-Service.png
Social, Digital, or Print: Schedule-Service-Today.png
Social, Digital, or Print: Time-For-Maintenance-Repair.png
Social, Digital, or Print: Choose-an-Authorized-Team-Trust.png
Social, Digital, or Print: High-Quality-Certified-Technicians.png
Social, Digital, or Print: Time-for-Next-Scheduled-Maintenance.png
Social, Digital, or Print: Does-Your-Car-Have-Recalls.png
Image: Under-Hood-Image.png
Image: Steering-Wheel-Image.png
Image: Sockets-Image.png
Image: Toolbox-Image.png
Image: Brakes-Image.png

Images for Cross-Promotion

If you would like digital assets to cross promote on social media with your company logo and the RepairPal logo, please get in touch with us at

Sample Image

Download here

RepairPal on Social Media

Go to to find RepairPal on social media. Don't forget to use our hashtags #RepairPal and #FairRepair, tag us in your posts! (@RepairPal)


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