Car Genius

What is RepairPal Car Genius?

Car Genius is staffed by RepairPal auto repair experts who provide mechanical advice and education on vehicle repairs and maintenance. They’re highly-qualified technicians that used to work in the field, and who have strong service and educational backgrounds. 

Car Genius experts will give consumers the knowledge they need to have peace of mind before they take their car to the shop or dealer. This service is free of charge, courtesy of RepairPal.

Available 8 am through 6 pm ET. 

Why Car Genius?

Car Genius provides your customers with access to FREE auto advice before they go to the shop. Our independent automotive repair experts will refer customers to a high-quality Certified RepairPal shop that you can trust with your customers.

In case anything goes wrong, we have your back. RepairPal has a dedicated Partner Support team. The best part? It is zero cost to you, our partners!

RepairPal Car Genius - perks 

Know before you go:

  • Investigate issues that a customer’s car may be facing
  • Car repair best practices
  • Specific car repair and maintenance costs
  • What that noise, dashboard light, symptom might be (they will probably need a full diagnostic at a quality repair facility, but we can point them in the right direction)
  • What to ask/ expect at the shop
  • The best repair facility for their specific needs
  • Decipher that repair estimate
  • Follow-up on any post-repair questions or lingering issues

Meet the Car Genius Team

Dusty, Auto Repair Expert

Dusty French has been in the automotive industry his entire life. He is a Auto Technology and Management Graduate from WyoTech, as well as an A.S.E. Certified Master Technician.

Dusty's interests in all things mechanical started early when he successfully disassembled and reassembled the family VCR player. He began his career at a Porsche & Volkswagen dealership where he was master certified through dealer training programs. Throughout his career, he’s been successfully employed as a Lead Technician and Shop Foreman before joining the team at RepairPal. Dusty enjoys spending time with his wife and their two dogs, music, and playing, building and modifying guitars in his free time.

Bo, Auto Repair Expert

Before joining RepairPal, Bo worked for a family-owned auto shop, where he focused on educating customers and providing an amazing customer experience. He also focused on building an amazing team of knowledgeable people. His goals are to educate consumers and fundamentally change the perception of the automotive industry.

In his downtime, Bo collects B-movie VHS tapes and has made some low-budget movies with his friends. He has also written and distributed his own comic book with his friend of 42 years.

Car Genius Marketing Asset Examples

Each partner has a dedicated phone number for Car Genius, please get in touch with the partner team to obtain personalized Car Genius ads.

Car Care Tips

Following a phone call with a customer, Car Genius will follow up via email to provide Car Care Tips for common auto repair preventative maintenance and solutions.